Here are just some information on me. Because you should know the person that you learn from.


Fencing Coach & Trainer, Founder

I started fencing with sword at age of 13. I teached my first class at age of 19. Fencing is my life. And teaching fencing and support people on their way is something that makes me happy. So I startet Fencing as my business in 2019 after serving 13 years as officer, instructor and teacher in the german armed forces.I also started a kids program in historical fencing called EXCALIBUR KIDS. I also studied history and did a lot of research on historical fencing. I hope you will have fun with my site and will learn much about fencing.

Professional qualifications:

  • Completed degree in history (M.A.)     

  • 13 years as officer (Hauptmann), teacher, instructor & coach in german armed forces

  • Mil. melee and military weapons, combat / combat training 

  • Mil. Shooting instructor     

  • Sports trainer     

  • trainer for methodology and didactics

  • trainer for trainers / teachers (train the trainer)

  • 4 years as a lecturer and seminar leader in public relations

  • 4 years as a speaker and seminar leader for security issues

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