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If you are or want to become a teacher / trainer for historical fencing, then this is the right place for you!

"Durch Lehren lernen wir!"

teaching theory

In this area you get an insight into the most important topics related to teaching and learning.



  • didactics

  • methodology

  • To lead

  • pedagogy

"Train as you fight!"

training theory

In this area I report to you on the subject of athletic training. In contrast to the methodology & didactics area, this is about purely athletic training, i.e. increasing physical performance.


  • General training theory

  • Movement theory

  • Motor skills (coordination, stamina, flexibility)

  • Training planning and implementation

Scientific work

Because the teacher and trainer in historical fencing has to do a lot of source work, I would like to use my skills as a trained historian to convey important topics around scientific work with historical sources.


  • Principles of scientific work

  • Source work

  • interpretation

  • transcription

  • Historical auxiliary sciences

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